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Where will Skye go for treatment?

That's a great question that we get asked a lot! Some others include, "Can I donate my own stem cells to Skye?" as well as, "I know a place around here that does stem you want the name?".  These are great questions that come from a place of wanting to help and it means so much to us! Unfortunately, the type of stem cell infusions that Skye requires are not even performed here in the United States. This procedure requires stem cells collected from the umbilical cord of healthy-born babies. These stem cells are then infused through the spinal cord where they can go through the brain barrier providing optimal healing to the brain and body! 

Non-embryonic stem cell infusions are not new to Skye's family. Skye's brother received these infusions in China first and then Thailand for Cerebral Palsy. The healing and improvement in his quality of life is nothing short of a miracle! This is what we need for Skye! These treatments are expensive but worth every dime! 

Here is a video of Skye's mom, Eddie, and brother, Kaden, speaking about Beike Biotechnology - the facility that Skye will be receiving treatments from once we have reached our fundraising goal!

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